gif of spinning pirogi with text 'pierogi review'

Baba's Pierogies
Brooklyn, NY

Stopped by Baba's, our local pierogi joint. I knew the owners are Slovak, and finally got to ask where from! The family is from Litmanová, where my grandmother was born. I had a lovely conversation with the owner's mother about this and the apparitions.

They were serving in a streetside beer garden, but we took ours to go. I had 8 cheese pierogi (pirohy), pan-fried with onions on the side. It was a delight to imagine this as similar to what my grandmother might have eaten growing up. Unfortunately, I wanted to like them more than I did – I found the cheese constantly sticking to the roof of my mouth, and wished for a slightly deeper flavor.

3.5 stars for pirohy
5 stars for the connection & conversation


pierogi, nestled in a (compostable!) to-go box